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making batikA company becomes a large company is the beginning of the small and continuous and it could be the seed of a giant company.

Enterprise development can be a way promotion of the products sold from the company, it became the beginning of a promising happiness, from this description, is one way we give an information to all, prospective clients, clients, customers and partners.

Promotional activities also can not be without a plan, and suddenly, although the company has a huge budget, if such was the end result is fatigue, not even reaching the target could also be losses. All promotional activities must have a vision and mission for a purpose and way the best in the Promotion.

All that has been described as the most important thing is already sure with all the promotional activities carried out to obtain satisfactory results and profitable for the company and development company into a huge company and it is the mission of all promotional or advertising activities.

How can a business promotion activities carried out in accordance with the targets and in accordance with the wishes of the market?
Research the market demand is the very first thing that should be known, because the clever company could be able to follow the market demand and market the most important developments of the business, or things will be done in promotional activities.

The most important promotional activities can be done through the internet access for us to create a vision and mission of conducting research of the market demand through the Internet technology for us to know how big the market demand through the Internet, or conduct marketing through the Internet.

An example is convection product promotions such as a hat, uniform, bags used by an employee at once can be corporate promotional activities. office supplies, printing is the need for administrative affairs office, may indirectly be a company promotional activities. even items such as ballpoint company, mugs, wall clocks or umbrellas used by an employee can be a promotional company, and all it depends on how it can display all the items into something that can be used as corporate promotional activities, if we could make better all goods that could be an inspiration and a gift for clients, customers of the company.

All that could be an idea and inspiration that can be born a baby's vision and mission for a promotion one company advertising through internet access that would require the trust of third parties is also the trust of all parties.

All manner of promotion and search for information through internet access, divided in several positions, namely as a buyer, seller or third parties.

Promotion activities can be done by providing the best information and open can be a target of the nature of trust. A few easy steps and sufficient condition for success tips can be a promotional activity is to be a vendor or company can become a partner for other companies, with a target to gain the trust of all parties.

Some tips we can do include:
1. Provide all information with the honesty of corporate identity and open id to all
2. The name of a clear business information that includes maps and a complete office address     and willing to be contacted directly physically everywhere.
3. There are telephone contacts can be reached and there is always progress response answer     contacts.
4. There is a contact email can be accessed and there is always progress response email reply
5. There are many positive testimonials from clients who have never worked and are now part     provides recommendations to others about the good name of our company in accordance       with the promotion we have done
6. The best promotion has been done can be given the same quality of good products with
which we are publishing ads that talk about convection production, printing and souvenir
company is also in accordance with the vision and mission of our company.
7. Vision and mission of the company can be owned by a prospective client, clients, customers     and partners is to become the company's future, and could be working together with all
parties, in a comfortable, enjoyable and can be a benefit to all parties. Konveksi Percetakan Souvenir Bandung
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