bắc kinhBlink of an eye came in December; the solar calendar is lunar, November, December, from December 7 to January 6. Construction is the Lunar month, Geng-Tai Sui this year, sub-water Health to help Yin Wood E, bắc kinh G gold soil can help students, the most prominent of the Lunar New Year fortune this month are as follows:

First: The most favorable change in the Zodiac - Horse

Month January Zhizi water impulse horse, red will have every move like, so there will be more things change, or a business trip, of course, is likely to have irritability, depressed mood, but please Relax, Tai Sui Yin Mu-Sheng help Wu Ma, Wang afraid of red, but rather a good thing. In the face of difficulties will have an incentive to pressure, brains, actively and steadily open up ahead will be successful. Note, however that may have bắc kinh accidentally hurt a small disaster ah small.

Second: Italian consistency of the Zodiac - Cattle

This month there are sub-Luhe water and the hi ox and ox have with the Tai Sui Yin grams of wood together, has two coincide, so the friends of the Ox this bắc kinh month to a lot of attention to their friends, colleagues, and may wish to go out more about a few new friends, maybe there will be surprises. Consistency of this article referred to include love and career, so a lot of married people had better be careful not to have contracted outside the peach Yeah, so the family from the storm.

Third: Note injury disaster Zodiac - Rabbit

Lunar New Year Rabbit Yin Tai Sui this year, Wood had received help solve the problem is very busy, and again this month sentence and Health sub-aqueous phase, requiring a lot of attention to disease and injury accidents disaster, especially friends who care to drive traffic and must not drink Yeah driving. Of course, there may be relatives or friends because of the things which upset, have time to spend more time with their own homes for the elderly, it is best to help them check the body, be prepared.

Fourth: for low-key zodiac - sheep

Lunar month, compared with child victims are not, and the Tai Sui Yin Wood restraint is not soil, so the Goats people, work is the cause of greater resistance, you may experience things ring true, so do not blindly seek financial or business expansion, but also pay attention to things must be low key, so provoke villain. Married friends pay attention to communicate with each other, to prevent third party interference in things.

Zodiac Horoscope is the author of the Tai Sui and flow according to the results on the interaction derived from, but a general rule may not be consistent for everyone, I hope we can have their own independent judgments, to avoid being misled by choice.

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