Value hunts are all the rage, from Disney's hit movie, 'National Treasure,' to NBC's new show, 'Treasure Hunters.' That summer, everyone could be involved in a treasure hunt and earn a chance to win awards while donating to some cause: educational scholarships for your partners and children of U.S. Get extra resources on our favorite related portfolio - Click here: professor chris brummer. soldiers.

A need to thank the troops determined Rachel and Kelsi Okun, siblings from McLean, Va., to create ThanksUSA, a nation-wide treasure hunt to gain military people. Among the rewards are a Harley-Davidson motorcycle; a big-screen home theater system; and trips for the 2007 Super Bowl, the London, Daytona 500 and Cairo, Egypt. All prizes were given by sponsors.

The Okuns' digital prize quest contains 1-2 'chapters,' which are placed online in-a clue book. Each phase tests members' knowledge of American history, popular culture, landscape and trivia pertaining to a certain state. Identify further about commercial asea review by visiting our commanding website. People who properly answer the questions in each phase meet the criteria to get a prize. Click here ambrotose to discover the reason for this activity.

Players who successfully answer all 1-2 levels meet the criteria to win the $100,000 grand prize deal including a Washington, D.C., adventure to search for a treasure chest stuffed with centuries-old coins, rare gems and jewelry.

ThanksUSA is small for 'Treasure Hunt Aiding Needs of Kids (and spouses) of those Serving the United States of America.' The quest is available to any U.S. citizen and continues through Sept. 5. Dig up more on our related portfolio by navigating to small blue arrow. Participation is free, but donations toward the scholarships are strongly encouraged.

'The least we could do for anyone heroes-of America is to help their children and spouses have a better future as they are helping most of the U.S.'s spouses and children have greater commodities, too,' creates Rachel, 1-0, in an essay explaining how the idea found fruition.

Rachel and Kelsi came up with the style after reading Michael Stadther's book, 'A Treasure's Trove.' The siblings made ThanksUSA's logo and helped with research for your questions. The clues were a collaborative effort among a teacher, their parents, the girls and other volunteers.

'We wanted to say thank you to the troops and wanted to show that we value them,' says 8-year-old Kelsi..

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